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What does "Australian Made" mean and is it actually Australian made?

The WAFMA President has taken to the Australian Made Council regarding the ridiculously low percentage of local content on office chairs sold in Australia as ‘Australian Made’. In order to qualify as ‘Australian Made’ a product must have undergone its last substantial transformation in Australia. Goods are substantially transformed in a country if . . . . as a result of one or more processes undertaken in that country, the goods are fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all of their ingredients or components that were imported into that country.

The fact of the matter is that complete office chairs are being imported into Australia with just the foam padding and upholstery being added to the manufacturing process locally. This may be only 10% - 20% of the value and certainly no substantial transformation has occurred locally. We congratulate Michael D’Andrea for his article published in the Business News – to read the full blog from Artifex Australia please click here and to read the Business News article please click here.


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