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The Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers Association Inc (WAFMA) is an incorporated non-profit association formed to represent WA owned and operated furniture manufacturers where their entire manufacturing process is undertaken in WA using local labour.


We are a grass roots organisation initiated by local furniture manufacturers who are concerned by Government desertion of our manufacturing base, poorly defined and regulated local content marketing and a general lack of direction from previous industry bodies. 


Our prime objective is to promote, support and recognise Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers and the many benefits to buying high quality handcrafted furniture made right here in WA.


We are also lobbying Government regarding the problems our industry is having with indigenous hardwoods. This is primarily the continuity of quality supply of timbers and veneers also the negative effect the export of unprocessed timber has on our manufacturing industry.


Our member base consists of a fantastic group of businesses who work hard to keep this industry alive. We recognise that the local furniture manufacturing industry is part of an integrated supply chain and therefore welcome associate members such as wholesale suppliers, furniture retailers, designers and architects who support the local furniture manufacturing industry. 


Thank you for visiting our site. Built West is Best!


Michael D'Andrea

Toni Furfaro
Vice President

WAFMA Committee (minus David Michael) with Peter Kreitals CEO of the FCJA being our peak national umbrella industry association

Frank Parker



Bonnie Taylor


Philip Oxenburgh
WAFMA Committee

Ian Goldfinch
WAFMA Committee

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