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Are you looking for some new furniture and want to know why we believe 'Made West is Best'?


Take a look below at the huge range of benefits you receive when buying high quality handmade furniture from each of our WAFMA Furniture Manufacturers.


Each handcrafted piece of furniture is made by skilled craftsman right here in WA! Support local and shop for the next generations heirlooms and family treasures instead of next years landfill.

Full Customisation

WAFMA manufacturers are small to medium locally owned and operated bespoke furniture manufacturing businesses. They are not large scale production processors so each piece of furniture is specifically made by artisans to individual client requirements.

Customise your furniture including: finish, timber, fabric, design, foam, size and hardware

Full Customisation


WAFMA manufacturers utilise high quality raw materials complying with Australian Standards (no formaldehyde, insecticides or CFC agents). All furniture is made within WA so minimal transport is involved during the production process or delivery.  

Warranty & Guarantee

Warranty & Guarantee

WAFMA manufacturers are all located within WA and so if any warranty issues occur you can deal direct or be directed to the manufacturer. WAFMA manufacturers also tend to support the local supply chain so use high quality materials suitable for WA’s conditions.

Wait Time

Wait Time

WAFMA furniture manufacturers are all located within WA so there are no shipping delays.  



WAFMA manufacturers charge little extra for making furniture from the highest quality materials to individual client requirements. Furniture custom-made by local artisans will be enjoyed for generations.  

Supporting Local Manufacturers

Supporting Local Manufacturers

Supporting WAFMA businesses sustains the local supply chain, keeps Australian's employed and retains wealth in your local community.


✅ Furniture totally made in WA
✅ Have minor alterations to a design and only incur minimal cost
✅ Request a home consultancy service to confirm design ideas and measure exactly for the finished products
✅ Timber is sourced locally and our members can advise about suitable timber for your furniture
✅ Select from a range of timbers and have them stained to your requirements
✅ Select hardware and componentry to suit your style, decor and budget
✅ Choose from a huge range of fabrics in any price range for upholstery and be advised of its suitability for your specific requirements
✅ Alter cushion densities to achieve maximum comfort 
✅ Discuss the quality of the construction materials including springing and cushioning

✅ Visit the manufacturer to check the construction and finish

✅ Be confident knowing there is an acceptable warranty term and reliable after sales service

✅ Have your furniture recovered in the future or find good quality second hand furniture and receive reputable advice about reupholstery

✅ Staff can explain the different in quality to assist you in making the best selection for your requirements

✅ Our local crafstmen are passionate about the environment and sustainability; if I find

✅ We understand in Australia it is the law that the manufacturing process of foams must be CFC free. 

✅ Be assured that all the stuff in the supply chain receive entitlements and conditions in compliance with Australian law

✅ All WAFMA retailers are happy and available to discuss all these points with you and spend the time when purchasing your furniture

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