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We are an advisory body for the Department of Training and Workforce Development through the State Training Board. Our main role is to advise them on the skill and workforce needs of our industries which includes the Furniture and Timber sectors. We let the WA government know about:

  • Any skill and labour shortages our industries are experiencing.

  • Apprenticeship and traineeship issues

  • Problems about skills development and access to training

  • The skills our industries need.

We believe good advice to government influences good decision making – so we try to provide quality information about what’s actually happening in our industries. Our network is our greatest asset, and we believe that by us helping industry navigate the VET sector, we have engaged stakeholders who help us to gather information. We encourage anyone to contact us if they have a workforce/skills concern.

So, we need you to have your say! So if there's anything that would help improve the skills of your industry, let us know.

How can we help WAFMA?

We hope that all WAFMA members have access to a skilled workforce so that you can grow and sustain your businesses.

  • Would you like to talk to someone about a specific workforce or training issue? Do you need some professional advice?

  • Want more information on apprenticeships? We can help connect you to organisations that can help you recruit and sign up apprentices.

  • Would like to see your industry promoted to schools and other service providers? We are constantly meeting with people in the school sector to talk about career development and promotion.

Who to contact?

Janine Blake is our Industry Consultant covering the Furniture and Timber Industries. Janine regularly attends WAFMA meetings and hopefully you have already met her. Janine can be contacted at or 0427 351 027

Kay Gerard is the CEO of the Training Council. Kay has been involved with WAFMA for several years and is an ex Board member. Kay can be contacted at or 0408901046.

Pictured: Kay Gerard (FFTITC), Michael D'Andrea (President WAFMA) and Janine Blake (FFTITC)


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