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News Release “WA to cease logging native forests end 2023”

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

On the 8th of September, the McGowan Government announced that logging in the State’s native forests would cease at the end of 2023, without consulting industry or stakeholders. This effectively ends the commercial supply of Jarrah, Marri and other WA native hardwoods to WAFMA (Western Australian Furniture Manufactures Association Inc.) placing most local furniture manufacturing businesses in jeopardy and several thousand employees facing unemployment.

WA’s native forestry ban is not backed up by science or long-term thinking. Institute of Foresters of Australia vice president Dr Michelle Freeman said that while the association welcomed the Government’s commitment to plant 50 million more trees and support ongoing management to improve forest health, the singlemindedness of the decision to end native forestry was flawed...Click here to read the full release


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