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Member of the month - Artisan furniture Design

Manufacturers of custom built furniture, lounges, modular's and recliners located in Wangara, Artisan Furniture Design have more than 30 years experience and a history of supplying top quality products.

They have shared this special story with us regarding recent collaboration with Saba Rose Button Foundation: "Back in 2019 we were approached by Mick and Kirsty Button to manufacture a piece of furniture for them and their 10 year old daughter Saba.It was a very unique build, and the brief was to have a piece that they could wheel throughout their purpose-built home, be fully remotely adjustable and also integrate into the rest of the furniture in a way that Saba was at the same level as the rest of her family for extreme cuddles!It was a huge pleasure to create this piece and even more rewarding seeing Saba and her sister Bowie hand in hand, asleep together on the first night of the delivery."


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