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McGowan not out of the woods yet...

For those interested and wanting to know more about the upcoming logging ban, here’s a great article from Saturday’s West Australian.

Something else to bring to your attention that this article doesn't mention, is that more carbon is absorbed by young growing trees than older mature trees. Carbon is still stored in timber once cut down for furniture, flooring, joinery, etc, it is not however stored in alternative products made of plastics, metals, etc.

For those concerned about animal habitation, 62% of our state forests, which are our old growth forests, haven't been touched since 2001; this is where our native fauna mostly reside….this isn't changing.

Alternative heat sources such as gas and electricity which many will be switching to, are considered by some to be worse for the environment than timber due to fracking and other mining operations.

Lastly, keep in mind that most of the silicon we use to manufacture solar panels comes from burning Jarrah! Due to Simcoa not being able to get Jarrah readily enough, they are looking at importing more coal from South America to make up for it.


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