The Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers Association Inc (WAFMA) is an incorporated non-profit association formed to represent WA owned and operated furniture manufacturers where their entire manufacturing process is undertaken in WA using local labour.


WAFMA’s prime objective is to promote, support and recognise Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers and the many benefits to buying high quality handcrafted furniture made right here in WA.


‘Built Here’ in WA is a logo designed to promote ‘WA made’ to the consumer, retailer, supplier and international markets.


Our member base consists of a fantastic group of businesses who work hard to keep this industry alive. We thank you for visiting our site and hope you will choose to buy and support local. Built West is Best!

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Support our members!

These are the hardworking people of WA who craft high quality furniture for you. 

Relish the benefits

There are so many benefits to buying high quality furniture handcrafted right here in WA.


✅ Furniture totally made in WA
✅ Have minor alterations to a design and only incur minimal cost
✅ Request a home consultancy service to confirm design ideas and measure exactly for the finished products
✅ Timber is sourced locally and our members can advise about suitable timber for your furniture
✅ Select from a range of timbers and have them stained to your requirements
✅ Select hardware and componentry to suit your style, decor and budget
✅ Choose from a huge range of fabrics in any price range for upholstery and be advised of its suitability for your specific requirements
✅ Alter cushion densities to achieve maximum comfort 
✅ Discuss the quality of the construction materials including springing and cushioning

✅ Visit the manufacturer to check the construction and finish

✅ Be confident knowing there is an acceptable warranty term and reliable after sales service

✅ Have your furniture recovered in the future or find good quality second hand furniture and receive reputable advice about reupholstery

✅ Staff can explain the different in quality to assist you in making the best selection for your requirements

✅ Our local crafstmen are passionate about the environment and sustainability

✅ We understand in Australia it is the law that the manufacturing process of foams must be CFC free. 

✅ Be assured that all the stuff in the supply chain receive entitlements and conditions in compliance with Australian law

✅ All WAFMA retailers are happy and available to discuss all these points with you and spend the time when purchasing your furniture

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WAFMA are proud to be
affiliated with the ACFA

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President – Michael D’Andrea

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Secretary – Frank Parker

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Treasurer/Marketing – Bonnie Taylor

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Committee – Bernard Dodman

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Committee – Rebecca deRooy

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Committee – Philip Oxenburgh

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