Member of the month - New Leaf Gallery

April 2021


WAFMA welcomes Adam Gibson from New Leaf Gallery into our industry association. It is always rewarding seeing new life injected into our industry such as Adam who is passionate about creating long lasting solid timber furniture and fixtures.

Adam initially worked as a saw miller for fourteen years and having worked with most Australian hardwoods gave him a great foundation into our industry. Adam still sources his own logs and has a Lucas Mill for producing timber slabs which he both on sells and also uses for his own furniture production.

For enquires regarding timber slabs or furniture please contact Adam on
0412 871 670 or

Australian Made Campaign compliance issues

20th April 2021


Our president Michael D’Andrea has engaged with the Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) regarding compliance of locally upholstered and assembled imported office chairs. These chairs then are classified as “Australian made” under AMCL policy because a “substantial transformation” has taken place therefore the product is fundamentally different in identity .
Our president disagrees with AMCL policy and their definition of “substantial transformation” and “fundamentally different in identity” as the chair in question is over 80% Chinese made so in most Australians eyes is not Australian made.
We will keep members informed with the progress of this fundamentally important issue for local industry and the Australian public.

Government extends apprenticeship wage subsidy scheme

17th March 2021


The federal government has extended its wage subsidy scheme for apprentices and trainees for another year, in a move it expects will generate 70,000 new positions.

Under the scheme, 50 per cent of the wages of apprentices and trainees are subsidised by taxpayers.

Click here to read the full news article from ABC.

Member of the month - Warwick Fabrics

March 2021


WAFMA member Warwick Fabrics can only be described as an iconic Australian success story. With a modern warehouse located in Melbourne able to process 1,000,000 metres and 7,000 cuts per day also showrooms located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Warwick also has extensive international operations in New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Dubai and India.
However most of us like to linger in local industry history so we thought you would enjoy the early days of Warwick Fabrics Australian operations. You can click here to see the full 50 year story.

Australian Made Council compliance issues

16th February 2021


A WAFMA member has approached the Australian Made Council regarding compliance issues associated with office chairs. A competitor’s chair is imported with only the upholstery (foam and fabric cover) being completed in Australia and yet supports an Australian Made swing tag.
Under the legislation governing the Australian Made Council a product must undergo it’s last substantial transformation in Australia to comply with Australian Consumer Law. The ACCC stated in a recent publication that “adding a fabric seat cover to an imported chair is not an example of substantial transformation.”
All we can say is to be a WAFMA member and use our logo the business must be owned and operated by West Australians with the furniture being locally made, utilising the local supply chain where ever possible. 

WAFMA – China suspends imports of W.A native hardwoods

16th February 2021


The latest casualty in China’s trade war with Australia is the import suspension of Western Australian native hardwoods. WA and NSW are the latest states to be affected joining Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and SA. The issue WAFMA has always had with the export on native hardwoods is the furniture returning to Australia having been constructed from these timbers is then often portrayed by retailers as locally made.
Saw millers are saying that the suspension of imports by China may affect their business viability therefore their ability to supply local markets. WAFMA has no concerns about the suspension of hardwood sales into China but the issue is more complex and somewhat deceiving. Much of China’s timber related industries have relocated to Vietnam however they tend to still be wholly owned and operated by Chinese. This action has been largely taken to avoid U.S tariffs and the general anti-China sentiment in the western world. WAFMA has requested information from the Forest Industries Federation (WA) regarding the volume of hardwood exports to Vietnam but awaits response

New Jarrah - Know your Jarrah

8th February 2021


From the escarpment looking over Perth, to the rugged south west coast, there’s only one place in the world jarrah grows. Its natural strength and durability, coupled with stunning colours makes jarrah a prized timber for all design applications. Using the lighter shades of New Jarrah in furniture, design and building is helping to make a lighter, brighter and more beautiful future for all of us.

The New Jarrah website is a State Government initiative enacted upon by the Forest Products Commission to promote the advantages of using Jarrah in construction and furniture. It is been created to foster awareness, understanding and preference for “New Jarrah” across Australia

To find out more and where to buy, view the New Jarrah website by clicking here.

ACFA award entries are now open!

8th February 2021


Early Bird entries are now open for the ACFA 2021 Industry Awards. The annual national Industry Awards showcases and celebrates industry excellence and now is the time to start preparing your entry.

How to Enter:

The entry process is simple. Review the entry categories detailed on the website. Choose project/s suitable for submission. Project/s must have been completed between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2021.

Click here for more information.



Member of the month - Artisan furniture Design

February 2021


Manufacturers of custom built furniture, lounges, modular's and recliners located in Wangara, Artisan Furniture Design have more than 30 years experience and a history of supplying top quality products. They have shared this special story with us regarding recent collaboration with Saba Rose Button Foundation"Back in 2019 we were approached by Mick and Kirsty Button to manufacture a piece of furniture for them and their 10 year old daughter Saba.It was a very unique build, and the brief was to have a piece that they could wheel throughout their purpose-built home, be fully remotely adjustable and also integrate into the rest of the furniture in a way that Saba was at the same level as the rest of her family for extreme cuddles!

It was a huge pleasure to create this piece and even more rewarding seeing Saba and her sister Bowie hand in hand, asleep together on the first night of the delivery."

Our objective

28th January 2021


Our prime objective at WAFMA is to promote, support and recognise Western Australian Furniture Manufacturers and the many benefits to buying high quality handcrafted furniture made right here in WA.

We are here to assist our existing members, welcome new members and chat to anyone interested in becoming part of this exciting and creative industry.


Let us know if we can help you! You can email us at

Image source: Kristoffersson Furniture

A look at 2020

16th December 2020

What a year 2020 has been! We started the year as normal hearing a few news snippets regarding COVID19 then before we barely knew what was happening we were hit with enforced shutdowns. We have been so incredibly fortunate to be living in WA, relatively insulated from this global pandemic. What started off as looking like a disaster of epic proportions for our industry suddenly turned into one of such strength in our cocooned world as the sentiment of buying ‘home grown’ returned.
WAFMA believes the good times will be maintained for the following eighteen months due to a strong domestic economy within WA however Western Australia has always tended to be a boom or bust economy so we recommend members to strengthen their businesses during these good times in preparation for the future.